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A Private Island for Sale in Palawan Philippines

Dao Island for Sale in Coron, Busuanga and Palawan Region, Philippines

Dao Island is a private island for sale in the Philippines. Located amongst the beautiful beaches of Busuanga and Coron in Palawan. Named as the best island destination by National Geographic Traveler magazine.

An archipelago without compare. Palawan is one of Southeast Asia’s most exciting tourism destinations for private islands. It is now widely recognized as one of the fastest growing tourism hotspots in not only the Philippines, but Asia too. Consisting of over 1,700 islands, award-winning beaches, Palawan is host to Asia’s only world heritage marine site, world-class wreck dives and turquoise tropical seas; Palawan is a resort developers’ paradise.

Dao Island benefits from being located in the Coron Busuanga region of northern Palawan, which is classified as one of the Philippines’ three “Super Regions” for priority tourism development, funding and promotion as part of the government’s national tourism master plan. Busuanga is the main island at the northern end of the Palawan Archipelago, with Coron being its largest town. Dao Island is located on the Western side of Busuanga, the jewel among Busuanga’s private islands with the perfect mix of accessibility, seclusion, and access to major tourist sites. Private islands for sale in Palawan are rare, but even more rare are islands for sale with title.

One of the top 20 island destinations to live and the next property hotspot.Islands Magazine

Palawan chose as the location for Hollywood film, Bourne Legacy.Film Commission

The best Island destination in East and Southeast Asia.National Geographic Traveler Magazine



Busuanga airport was the subject of a USD3 million upgrade in 2008. Pre-upgrade the airport could only accommodate 12 seater planes, and accordingly saw modest growth in tourism arrivals. After the upgrade was completed the airport was able to accommodate 50 to 90 seater aircraft and is now one of the top tourism destinations in the Philippines.

Whilst the airport was being upgraded, the road system around the whole of Busuanga’s major tourism centers also benefited from being paved. A new road has recently opened in February, 2018 that leads directly from the airport to the Western side of Busuanga. This is where the preferred launch point to Dao Island is located. With the new road now open, the drive time from the airport has been reduced from 1 hour to only 30 minutes. This now sees the launch point to Dao Island being a shorter drive from the airport than Coron Town itself.



The paving of the road has opened up the Western side of Bususanga Island to tourism. Most development activity centers around Gutob Bay, which is the location of Dao Island. Gutob Bay is served by several resorts on the mainland, clustered around the Puerto del Sol Resort. There is a deep-water harbor, burgeoning yacht club and marina, a well-established technical dive center and several resorts.

The Resorts include:

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Busuanga is served by a modern airport facility and comprehensive network of paved roads that lead tourists to some of the finest beaches in Asia, magical private islands, coral reefs and wreck dives. With promotion and demand increasing rapidly amongst both foreign and local tourists, there has been a large increase in tourism arrivals in recent years.

In 2016 the tourism arrivals for all of Palawan totaled over 1.1 million, which is a 15% growth rate over 2015’s figures. These statistics do not account for the countless number arriving via sea in small cruise vessels, dive charters, yachts and passenger ferries.